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Location: Gujarat.
Famous For: Unique Textiles.
Best Season: Months Of October And March.
Main Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English.

Lothal in Ahmedabad - GujaratOne of the important archaeological excavations, this Harappan city dates back to 2nd millennium BC. 'Lothal' in Gujarati means 'Mound of Dead' same as what Mohenjodaro means in Sindhi.

Patan (130 kms from Ahmedabad)
Established during the Solanki era, this town is famous for its architectural wonders. Patan is an important centre for weaving. The Patan silk and printing is very popular among the ladies. The exclusive geometrical patterned Patola silk are in great demand among the Indians as well as among the foreigners. This ancient Hindu capital is not even a pale shadow of its original. Patan lost its glory as a capital city after Mahmud of Ghazni sacked it in 1024.

Adalaj Vav
Adalaj Vav in Ahmedabad - Gujarat'Vav' in Gujarati means 'well'. Adalaj Wav is one of the most ancient wells in Gujarat. Built in 1499 AD, this well has carvings, which depict flower and bird motifs. This well is preserved almost in its original form. The highly decorated archways, pavilions and corridors are the main attractions for any visitor to this place.

Modhera is famous for the Sun Temple . This temple, though not as famous as those of Konark and Khajuraho has resemblance with these temples in architectural style. Modhera Temple was built in 1026-27 by King Bhimdev but was partially damaged by Mahmud of Ghazni. Modhera in Ahmedabad - Gujarat

The construction of this temple is in such a manner that the sun shines in the sanctum sanctorum during sunrise and sunset. The sculptures on the walls of the temple resemble the Konark and the Khajuraho temples.

(92 kms from Ahmedabad) During the Mughal era, this whole region was called Cambay. In those times, this was one of the important ports and trading centres in India. But when Surat was developed, the decline of Cambay started and finally with the silting of the ports, Cambay faded into history.

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctury in Ahmedabad - Gujarat60 kms from Ahmedabad, there is a 116 sq. kms lake. This lake is home to numerous migratory and indigenous birds. These birds flock here through the year. One can take a taxi or bus to watch the ducks, geese, pelicans and flamingoes at the sanctuary.

(32 kms from Ahmedabad) Gujarat was initially a part of the Mumbai state and Ahmedabad was the capital of Gujarat. But in 1960 a new capital of the state named Gandhinagar, was designed. The secretariat of the state moved here in 1970. Gandhinagar is the second planned city of modern India after Chandigarh .

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