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Location: Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Type Of Climate: Tropical
Rainy Season: Mid-May To September & November To January
Touring Season: October To May

The Islands are a tropical delight with mean minimum temperature at 230 C (75 - 85 F) and maximum at 280 C (78 - 95 F). The relative humidity on the islands is about 70% to 90% with a gentle breeze blowing all the time.

The Rainy Season
The weather is generally pleasant with average annual rainfall of 3,000 mm at Port Blair . The rainy season happens twice a year under the influence of Southwest monsoon in mid-May to September, and Northeast monsoon in November To January. In Nicobar Island rainy season dominates round the year, with the region getting most of its rain in the month of June. It's quite hot in the months of March to May in the Andamans.

One can visit these islands in between the months of October to May; however, November To March is a much preferable time.
Minimum Temperature: 230 C (75 - 85 F)
Maximum temperature: 280 C (78 - 95 F)
Annual Rainfall: 3,000 mm

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