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Location: 120-km South To Port Blair, Andaman Islands
Main Attractions: Waterfalls, Boating Through The Creeks, Exciting Elephant Safari, Elephant Lumbering, Elephant Calves Training, Surfing
Best Time To Visit: October To May

Red Oil Palm Fruit, Little Andaman, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Andaman & NicobarLittle Andaman beckons those who want to elope from the mundane and monotonous urbane life to enjoy the beauty of the sea, sandy shore and the green symphony of the nature. Situated south to the South Andaman Island, this island has various attractions in store for the tourists.

Little Andaman is also famous for its red oil palm plantation, which spread over an area of 1,00 hectares. There is a palm oil extraction factory inside the plantation. This can be visited while traveling between the white surf waterfall and butler bay beach.

The Tribal Folks The aboriginal tribes of the islands, Nicobarese and Onges live in this island along with settlers from erstwhile East Pakistan and other places.


Little Andaman island offers a perfect mix of white sandy beaches bewitching Waterfalls, Boating through the Creeks, exciting Elephant Safari, Elephant lumbering, Elephant calves training, Surfing etc. All the places of tourist interest are approachable by the road, leading northwards from the Hutbay by Jetty.

Butler Bay
Butler Bay is a beautiful beach suitable for Sun Basking, Coral Viewing, Surfing, etc. Tourist huts are available right on the seashore flanked by the coconut plantation.

Netaji Nagar Beach
Netaji Nagar Beach, 11-kms from the Hutbay Jetty is a white sandy beach is suitable for sun basking.

White Surf Waterfall
Situated 6.5-km from the Hutay Jetty, this waterfall in the midst of the evergreen rainforest is an ideal picnic spot.

Whisper Wave Waterfall
Located 25-km from the Hutbay Jetty this waterfall is also in the midst of the jungle. Journey to this waterfall includes 4-km trekking through the forest.

Marine life at Little Andaman, Andaman and NIcobar Islands, Andaman & NicobarSAFARI
Elephant Safari
ANIFPDCL, who have about 31 elephants in this island, organizes Elephant Safari through the Jungle near to the White Surf Waterfall. Well-experienced and tamed Elephants are engaged for this purpose. One can really enjoy the exciting ride, sitting in the back of the mighty; and friendly elephant.

Elephant Lumbering And Training Camp
One can view the elephant lumbering activities inside the forest. Also there are camps where elephant calves are trained in lumbering activities. This can be seen with the help of ANIFPDCL.

Boating Through The Creek
Boating facility has been provided by ANIFPDCL in the creek near to the Butler Bay Beach resort. It helps one to closely view the natural vegetation on both sides of the creek, flora and fauna including Hawabil and Nicobari Pigeon.

Coral Viewing And Surfing
The northern side of the Butler Bay Beach is popular surfing site. Corals are available on the nearby areas. Tourists have to carry necessary equipments along with them for the above purposes.

Oil Palm Plantation
Lilttle Andaman is famous for its Red Oil Palm Plantation run by ANIFPDCL, 11-km from the jetty. The plantation is spread over an area of 1,593 hectares. A factory for extraction of palm oil is also run by the ANIFPDCL. Tourist also runs extraction of palm oil can visit the plantation as well as the factory and see the different stages of oil palm fruit production and oil extraction here.


Boats services connecting Port Blair and Hutbay, the entry points to Little Andaman Island are available twice/thrice a week. The journey takes 8 to 9 hrs. Andaman and Nicobar Islands Forest Plantation Development Corporation Limited (ANIFDCL) organises packages tour to the island from Port Blair.


Transport and accommodation available with ANIFPDCL in the huts and cottages situated at the seashore. It is recommended that the availability of rooms may be checked up from the ANIFPDCL near to Hutbay and Restaurant at Butler Bay Beach Resort. Tasty tender "King Coconuts" are profusely available on the island for quenching the thirst.

ANIFPDCL offers package tour to Little Andaman. Those who want to book the tours may contact in the addresses given below. To and fro boat tickets for the tourists availing package tours will be ensured by ANIFPDCL.

Hut Bay, Little Andaman -744 207

Note: Tourists are not permitted to visit the tribal reserve areas in the island.

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