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Location: Andaman Islands
Nearby Attraction: Bartang Island.
Best Time To Visit: October & May

For most travellers, Middle Andaman is a charmless rite of passage to be endured en route to or from the north. The sinuous Andaman trunk Road, hemmed in by walls of towering forest, winds through miles of jungle, crossing strait that separates the island from its neighbour, Bartang Island, by means of rusting flat-bottomed ferry.

The islands feeling is heightened by the presence on the buses of armed guards, and the knowledge that the impenetrable forests west of the ATR are the Jarawa Tribal Reserve. Until recently, friendly groups of Jarawa had emerged at Baratang jetty to accept gifts of coconuts, cloth and bananas from the Indian Government.


Tourist are requested not to visit the Jarawas tribal areas as these areas are under restriction

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