Wildlife In Andaman & Nicobar

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» Andaman and Nicobar
Location : Bay Of Bengal
Capital : Port Blair
Main Attractions : Water Sports, Marine Life
Best Time To Visit : October To May

Glass Fish, Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park , Andman and Nicobar IslandsAndaman and Nicobar's wildlife is well represented in terms of variety and exclusivity. Some of the uniquely belong to this region include Racguet Tailed Drongos, screeching Great Andaman Parrots, Imperial Pigeons, gurgling Emerald Doves, chortling Orioles, warbling Magpies and numerous others. The best time for bird observation is the first two hours after sunrise or the last hour prior to sunset. Walk into the waist deep water at low tide with snorkeling gear and you will be amazed at the variety of marine fauna and fantastically shaped corals.


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