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Location : Repalle Taluk Of Guntur District, 50-km From Vijayawada
Main Find : Buddhist Stupa

Bhattiprolu is located in the Repalle Taluk of Guntur district, 50-km from Vijayawada. The Mahastupa at Bhattiprolu has yielded sacred relics of the Buddha as attested by one of the inscriptions. The town contains a damaged Buddhist Stupa and marble pillars.

The Stupa, according to the Archaeological Department yielded three caskets. The stupa is of solid brickwork with a dome, which was 40m in diameter. The 2.4m drum was panelled with oblong stone slabs, alternating with pilasters.

The most important excavation, however, was of three inscribed stone receptacles found near the central hall. The first of these contained a black stone casket, copper beads, pearls and other jewellery, gold flowers and two thin gold pieces with three pieces of bones and articles of jewellery.


Rail: Vijayawada is well connected by rail with all the important places within and outside the state.

Road: Tourists can take state buses or hire a taxi from Vijayawada to reach Bhattiprolu.


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