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Costume of : The State Of Andhra Pradesh
Famous Ones : Sari & Blouse For Women Dhoti & Kurta For Men & Lambadi Dresses

The common costumes of Andhra Pradesh are Sari (a 5½ meter cloth entangling the woman with serpentine viciousness) and Blouse for women, and Dhoti (oldest Indian draped garment) and Kurta for men.

The Traditional Wears:
Ladies Purchasing Saree, Andhra PradeshSome costume historians believe that the men's dhoti, which is the oldest Indian draped garment, is the forerunner of the sari. Till the 14th century the dhoti was worn by both men and women. Thereafter, it is conjectured that the women's dhoti started to become longer, and the accessory cloth worn over the shoulders was woven together with the dhoti into a single cloth to make the sari.

The word sari is the anglicised version of 'Sadi', which existed in Prakrit as 'Sadia', and derives itself from the Sanskrit word 'Sati', meaning a strip of cloth.

The women of all communities including Muslims wear Saris and blouses. The art of draping the sari is in itself an expression of a woman's creativity. Some Muslim women also put on 'Salwar' and 'Kameez'. Among the Hindus and Christians men commonly wear a 'Dhoti' and 'Kurta'. The Muslims normally wear pyjamas instead of dhotis and kurta and the Fez cap, which however is not so common now.

Tribal Dresses:
Lambadies are a common tribal group in Andhra Pradesh and are famous for their colourful costumes. The Lambada men have adopted the regional dress but the women folk have to this day retained their attractive colourful and heavy garments, with lot of mirrors and beads studded on them. They wear wide skirts in many gay and loud shades of red, orange and blue.

A scarf of course cotton prints is thrown over the shoulders and on the head. A Choli with long sleeves and tastefully embroidered in front and on the shoulders covers the bosom and is tied at the back by bands. The Lambadi dress is a very famous.

The younger folk of all communities, however wear 'Chudidaars', Pants, Shorts etc and we can see only the older generation wearing saris and dhotis. The influence of new ideas is particularly noticeable in dress, which is becoming westernised for practically all communities.

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