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Location : Northeastern Part Of Andhra Pradesh
Previously Known As : Helapuri, Ellore And Erla Uru
Famous For : Woollen Carpets

Eluru is also called "Ellore", located in the northeastern part of Andhra Pradesh, at the junction of the Godavari and Krishna canal systems. The name of the city was changed to its present form in 1949. This District was formed in the year 1925. Surrounded by Khammam district in the North, Krishna district is in the South, East Godavari district in the East and Krishna district in the West, Eluru is place to visit.
Kolleru Bird Sanctuary,  Andhra PradeshEluru has been the headquarters of West Godavari district since 1926. This ancient place was also known as "Helapuri" and "Erla Uru" in the past. It is well connected by rail and road with all-important towns in the state.

Eluru is famous for its thriving woollen pile carpet industry. It is well known for its cultural, educational, economical and industrial development. Eluru is well known for its carpets and blankets. The Persians that migrated to this part of the world during the Muhammaddin Regime have developed the carpet industry over here.


There are ruins of forts standing as a constant reminder of the past. Buddhist archaeological remains can also be found at the nearby village of Pedda Vegi. It main attractions include the important shrines of Janardhana and Jalapaharesvara.


Dwaraka Tirumal
Dwaraka Tirumal, 39-km from Eluru is a famous pilgrim centre located atop a hill, with a part of the temple carved out of the hill. It has an impressive five-storeyed 'Gopuram' at the main entrance. An annual festival is also celebrated over here in the month of April - May.

Kolleru Sanctuary
IThe sanctuary is located 60-km away from Vijayawada near Eluru, West Godavari district. It has the largest fresh Water Lake in the country. This sanctuary extends over 673-sq-kms (depending on water spread) of wetland and marshes surrounding the Kolleru Lake, between the Krishna and Godavari deltas.

Pattisam located along the Gautami River, is a famous picnic spot. It is an important pilgrim centre in the picturesque 'Devakutaparvatam' Hills. The Shaivite and Vaishnavite shrines here are of great religious importance.

Natta Rameswaram
An important pilgrim centre, the Rameswara Temple here has a Linga made of shells and conches. Thousands of devotees congregate here on Maha Shivaratri day to take a dip in the Gosthani River.

Located 35-km from Thadepalligudem, is the birthplace of 'Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari'. Nageswari Temple and Vasavi Temple are the worth seeing in Penukonda.


The nearest airport is at Gannavaram near Vijayawada.

It has two railway stations, namely, Powerpet and Eluru, situated on the Chennai -Kolkota line.

Andhra State Bus Service ply regular buses from Eluru, connecting it with all the major cities of the state.


Accommodation is available in the hotels at Vijayavada.


The most important festivals celebrated here are Sankara Jayanti (April-May), Ramkoti Utsavam (January-February) and Tyagaraja Aradhana (December-January), all of which are attended by thousands of devotees.


Prasad Nursing Home
Eluru: 534002

S.V. Heart Care Centre
15-117, Syamala Nagar Behind, Rajamundry
East Godavari


Climate: Tropical
Temperature Range
Summer: Max 45°C and Min 30°C. (122.34F - 81.75F Approx.)
Winter: Max 31°C and Min 17°C. (84.28F - 46.21F Approx.)
Rainfall: Seasonal
Clothing: Light Cottons
STD Code: 08812


Dwarka Tirumul: 39-km
Vijayawada: 80-km

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