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Location : 21-km South East Of Alur, Kurnool District
Significance : Archeological Site of Andhra Pradesh
Main Find : Prehistoric Traces
Nearby Attractions : Ahobilam, Adoni, Srisailam

Chippagiri is situated 21-km south east of Alur. Inscriptional evidence shows that this place was under the control of Chalukya ruler Taila and the Vijayanagar monarchs.

This village gained archaeological importance as it contains a low fortified hill, where traces of prehistoric settlements are found. The gateway of the fort repaired in 1944 and the gunpowder magazine on the top of the hill in front of the Jain temple are of archaeological interest in the village.


Road: Tourists can access this place from Alur. Alur has good motorable roads connecting it with all other places.

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