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Location : 6.4-km From Kamarvarapukota, Krishna District
Significance : Archaeological Site in Andhra Pradesh
Main Find :Buddhist Stupas

Jeelakarragudem is a village of Guntupalle, is situated at a distance of 6.4-km from Kamarvarapukota. The place is situated picturesquely amidst hills. The history of this place dates back to 200 B.C., when the Buddhist aramas were in existence at the place. The place was subsequently called Jainuvarigudem after the, Jains.

State Archaeological Department unearthed sometime back Buddhist stupas of 10'(3.05m.) height and 30'(9.14m.) circumference on a hill near-by. Recently, the department unearthed 12 stupas of 4'(1.22m) height and 30'(9.14m) circumference and a marble stupa besides few articles. Along with the marble stupa, 6'idols of the Buddha were also found. Thousands of people visit these Buddhist stupas.


Road: Tourists can reach this place from Guntupalle, which is well connected by buses.

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