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Location : 10-km From Narasapur, West Godavari District
Month : January-February
Deity : Sri Lakshminarasimhaswami

Antarvedi is 10-km from Narasapur (West Godavari district) by boat and 24-km from Razole by road. The Shrine of Sri 'Lakshminarasimhaswami' at the place is of religious importance. The Lakshminarasimhaswami Kalyanam celebrated on the Bhishma Ekadasi day during January-February is attended by thousands of pilgrims.

A fair is also held and lakhs of people attend the celebrations. Stalls are put up and people enjoy shopping variety of sweets, bangles, clothes etc. Devotees come here to have a holy dip in the 'Sapta Sagara Sangama Pradesam' (the confluence of the sea and the 'Vasishta Godavari', one of the seven branches of Godavari), as it is believed that all their sins will be washed away by a single dip in the holy river.


Rail: The nearest railway stations are at Narsapur and Rajahmundry.

Boat: Antarvedi can be reached by boat from Narsapur, which is 112-km from Rajahmundry.

Road: Buses are also available from Razole that take pilgrims to this sacred place.

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