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Location : 30-km From Hyderabad
Presiding Deity : Lord Shiva
Month : February-March

Keesaragutta is located at about 30-km from the city of Hyderabad . Lord Ramalingeswara is the presiding deity here. Annually during the Shivaratri festival, thousands of people come from far off places, often in the traditional bullock cart. The entire family perches on the cart, and in the few days on the move, the carts double as tents by the roadside much like the trade caravans of ancient days.

During Shivaratri, long lines of people stand in queues to enter the main temple. Several people perform 'pujas' at one of the huge lingams all over the place.

At the foot of the hill a carnival atmosphere prevails. Bright lights in the pitch-dark moonless night liven up the scene. Apart from the platforms where traditional dances are performed, wandering singers and minstrels give impromptu displays.


Air: The nearest airport is situated in Hyderabad.

Rail: There is a main railway station also situated at Hyderabad.

Road: From Hyderabad there are buses that take you to Keesaragutta. Taxis are also available.

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