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Location : Kolletikota, Krishna District
Deity : Peddintamma
Month : March

Kolletikota lies in the midst of Kolleru lake, Krishna district. This village is an important pilgrim centre of the district and is noted for the festival celebrated in honour of Peddintamma, the famous goddess of the Kolleru Lake.

Time For The Festivity
The festival takes place on 'Phalguna Suddha Ekadasi' of every year when people from the neighbouring districts congregate in thousands to celebrate this occasion on a grand scale for sixteen days. The tenth, eleventh and twelfth are important festival days.

On the eleventh day the wedding of 'Jaladurga' and 'Gokarneswaraswami' is celebrated. About ten thousand fowls, five hundred goats and a thousand sheep are sacrificed to the deity. Coconuts, plantains saffron and 'kumkum' are also offered to the deity.

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