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Location : Penuganchiprolu Of Krishna District
Deity : Sri Gopiah Swamy Tirupatamma Varu
Month : February-March
Duration : Five Days

Sri "Tirupatamma Ammavari Devasthanam" is in the village and 'Mandal' of "Penuganchiprolu" of Krishna District. The temple is 20-km both from "Jaggayyapeta" and "Nandigama". It is on the National highway of Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

The presiding deity of the temple is Sri "Gopiah Swamy Tirupatamma Varu". Sri Tirupthamba is worshipped in the Penuganchiprolu Temple as the image of "Shakti" who took birth to protect the uprightness and for the welfare of mankind. She preached virtuous qualities of life to her devotees and made her Abode at Penuganchiprolu. Tirupatamma Jatra held for five days on "Magha Suddha Poornima" attracts devotees from all over the district.

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