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Location : Bekkarapalli, Mahaboobnagar
Deity : Yellamma

The temple of Yellamma at Bekkarapalli has built up certain special traditions that show the worshippers unswerving faith, which sometimes are dismissed by cynics as blind beliefs. The deity is quite big in size and wears fierce aspect, as it is common with 'Bali Priyas' and classed one among the 'Kshudra Devatas'. Prayer services too are quite queer, when compared with the goddess who takes 'Satiwika Puja'.

The Yellamma Jatra attracts lakhs of people and is the star attraction of this place. The deity is invited to preside over the function, with mud pots filled with water and chanted Margosa stems. Special prayers are offered by ladies, who are almost naked without outfit, but covering their bodies with knee garlands. They march to the temple in procession to the accompaniment of instrumental music. It is a unique tradition, practiced nowhere.

Due to receipt of Mother's abundant grace with such exotic worship, the number is waxing with the passage of time. One more of similar nature is practiced at Chandragutti village in Karnataka , where men and women visit the temple and offer prayers absolutely naked.

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