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Location : Six Miles To The West Of Jammalamadugu In Cuddapah District
Structures Within The Fort : Masjid, A Large Granary And A Temple

Gandikota or 'The Gorge Fort' is situated about six miles to the west of Jammalamadugu in Cuddapah district. The width within the fort is at its broadest, about five and a half furlongs from west to east and almost a mile from northwest to southeast.

Attractions Within The Fort
The area within is full of the debris of ages and many ancient structures in varying stages of decay. The fort has a Masjid, a large granary and a temple. The Jamia Masjid has two adjacent minarets. The large granary, with a vaulted roof, is now used as the traveller's bungalow. Within the fort are two ancient temples, dedicated to Madhava and Raghunatha.

The other structures within the fort, include another large granary, a magazine, a graceful 'pigeon tower' with fretted windows and an extensive palace built by bricks with some plastered decorations and some wells. There is an old cannon still lying in the fort. There is also the 'Rayalacheruvu' with its perennial springs irrigating some lime and plantain gardens. It is said that this 'Cheruvu' was connected to a fountain in Jamia Masjid by pipes, traces of which can still be seen.

There were another gardens and springs during the Muslim and pre-Muslim days. There is an undated inscription on a boulder, near the 'Nagajhari' outside the fort, recording the gift of two gardens at the place to the temple. There was also a garden called 'Parebagh' with a waterfall at the foot of the hills, on the bank of the Penneru. There is a Persian inscription on a boulder at the place.


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