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Location : 12-km From Hanumakonda In Warangal District
Completed In : 1261 AD
Built By : Ganapathi Deva And Rudramma
Main Attractions : Four Thoranas And The Sahastralinga Temple

Warangal fort lies at about 12-km from Hanumakonda in Warangal District. It was constructed by King Ganapathi Deva in 1199 AD and completed by his daughter Rudramma in 1261 AD.

Warangal Fort, Andhra PradeshAttractions Within The Fort
The once impregnable fort boasts of some exquisite pieces of sculpture. The fort has two walls, with the traces of the third. The two outer walls are of earth and the inner wall is of granite. The inner wall is around 6m high. Places of interest in the fort area are the four 'thoranas' or gateways, which are similar to those at Sanchi signifying the Buddhist influence, and the Sahastralinga temple scattered over a large area.

The entrance gateways to the Shiva temple still stand unscathed by the ravages of time and numerous conquerors. These portals have high ornamental value with articulately carved figures of birds and animals. The first enclosure has other smaller shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, where prayers are offered even today.

Today, the widely scattered ruins of the once magnificent Warangal Fort is an open-air museum of 'Kakatiya' art and architecture that reached its zenith during the reign of King Ganapati Deva.


Rail: Nearest railway station is at Warangal.

Road: State bus service is available from Hyderabad , Vijayawada, Karimnagar, and Khammam to Warangal. Taxis are also available.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Warangal.

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