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Location : 50-km From Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
Best Time To Visit : October To March

A manmade lake completed in 1213 AD by the Kakatiya king, Ganapathidev, by harnessing a small tributary of the Krishna River. It is located 50-km from Warangal and spreads over an area of 30-sq-km.

The lakeside is one of the best picnic spots in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated amidst undulating forestland hills and dales and because of its quite and peaceful atmosphere it attracts tourists in large numbers.

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary
The Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary is set around the shores of this lake with an area of 839-sq-km. It is a dense forest shelter for a variety of fauna. Wildlife enthusiasts can check out this beautiful sanctuary for leopards, bears and several other animals.


Rail: Nearest railway station is at Warangal. It is located on Narsampet-Warangal division, which is at a distance of 50-km from Warangal.

Road: Pakhal is 130-km by road from Hyderabad. It is well connected by road and one can get State buses, taxis from Warangal and Hyderabad .


Accommodation is available at the tourist hotels in Warangal.

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