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Location : In Nagari town, Chittoor District
Famous As : Picnic Spot

The Nagari Nose
Nagari town is situated on the northern bank of the river Kusasthali in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. There is a hill range to the north of Nagari known as the Nagari Hills, a famous picnic spot in Andhra Pradesh. The prominent and highest cliff of the hills is referred to as the "Nagari Nose" as it projects towards one side in the form of a human nose. It can be seen for about 100-km, around and from Chennai lighthouse. This cliff, which lies about 7-km north of Nagari, rises to a height of 855m above the sea level and is popularly known as the "Nagari Murkonda".

An Ancient Lighthouse
Nagari Nose served as a lighthouse during the medieval period for guiding navigation in the Bay of Bengal, since the nose was serving as a landmark for the ships touching Chennai. A bonfire is made on the tip of the nose, which used to guide the ships in those days. The then rajas of Karvetinagaram bestowed a grant of 0.75 acre of wetland on a Jangam family in Kemparapalem village, which lies at the foot of the hill for services rendered.

Even now, a big earthen oil-lamp is lit on every full moon day on the tip of the nose by one of the descendants of this 'Jangam' family who is still enjoying the hereditary land grant. Of late, the cliff is also used for mountaineering and range practices.


Rail: Nagari has a railway station and is also connected with Tirupati by rail.

Road: Nagari is well connected by road with Tirupati.


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