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Location : Near Gandipet In Hyderabad
Significance : Amusement park
Attractions : Kiddies Pool, A 60-Ft High Ride, The Slam Bomb, Bumping Cars And Dry Rides For People Of All Ages
Timings : 11am To 8pm

Located at Gandipet in Hyderabad , Ocean Park is one of the first theme parks started in twin-cities. It is a unique amusement park for the entire family and has attractions like a kiddie's pool, a 60-ft high ride, the Slam Bomb, bumping cars and dry rides for people of all ages.

Ocean Park, Andhra PradeshThe Water Amusements
The park has a water sports section and another one for amusement games. In the kids section there is a wading pool and fountain, while the adult's section has the exhilarating water slides. The most exciting in the water sports is the 100 ft slide where one can splash through water.

For those interested in swimming there is a waves swimming pool, with different sections for men and women. Toy train, huge air filled balloon and video games for children and adults can enjoy the Tora Tora ride, single loop roller coaster and a ship that sails from side to side churning your insides out. Helicopter rides are available on Sundays and Holidays from 2p.m. to 5p.m.

Food is not allowed inside. There are a couple of snack bars and a restaurant inside. Men and women can enter the water sports section in shorts or buy one inside the park. Swimsuits are also available on hire for men, women and children. The park is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and you can have a fun-filled day at Ocean Park.


Air: Hyderabad being the capital city is well connected by air from all the important cities of the country.

Rail: Hyderabad has got its own railhead and is connected with all the major cities within the state and outside.

Road: Regular bus service connects Hyderabad with all the important places within the country. For city transportation city buses, taxis, and auto rickshaws are also available.


For accommodation there are various budget and star hotels available in Hyderabad or one also has an option of staying at the Sagar Mahal guesthouse near Gandipet.

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