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Location : Akiripalli, Krishna District
Presiding Deity : Vyaghra Narasimha Or Sobhanachala Swami
Famous For : Vyaghra Narasimha Temple
Attraction : Varahapushkarini

At Akiripalli, near Vijayawada there is a temple on top of a hill dedicated to Vyaghra Narasimha, called "Sobhanachala Swami". There is also a Shiva temple called 'Malleswaraswami temple' on the hill. Lord Vishnu as Vyaghra Narasimha is said to have incarnated in a cave on top of the hill here.

A Place Of Temples
This place also has temples of the Goddess 'Rajyalakshmi' and temples dedicated to all the 'Alwars' or the Vaishnavite devotees. This place has gained importance on account of the adjacent hill called "Sobhanadri" or Sobhanachala, which presents picturesque scenery.

The Legend
A king called Subhavratha meditated upon Lord Vishnu for a long time, and was carrying on his austerities with great perseverance. Lord Vishnu, pleased with his penance, appeared before him, and granted him a boon. Subhavratha requested the Lord Vishnu to incarnate in him, with the Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. Lord Vishnu instructed him that he should do penance for Lord Siva also.

The king conducted severe penance for both the Lords 'Hari' and 'Hara'. The king turned to a hill at the end of the penance and the hill came to be known as Sobhanadri or Sobhanagiri. To keep the promise made to King Subhavratha Lord Shiva and 'Keshava' took their permanent residences at the top of the Sobhanadri.

The huge tank in the temple called "Varahapushkarini", stretching to almost a hundred acres, is said to have been dug by Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as a boar ('Varaha'). The temple has got a temple car, which is dragged every year on 'Rathasaptami' day. It has a 'Pushpavanam' of seven acres extent from which flower is taken for the worship of the Lord.


Road: To get to Akiripalli, one can take a bus from Vijayawada.


There are public choultries at the Akiripalli that provide convenient accommodation for pilgrims.

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