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Location : 1.6-km From Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh
Presiding Deity : Lord Surya (Sun God)
Unique Feature : A Rare Temple Dedicated To Sun God
Dates Back To : 7th Century

Arasavalli is located 1.6-km from Srikakulam near Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Arasavalli is an important pilgrim centre. Arasavalli has a temple dedicated to Lord Surya temples dedicated to the worship of Lord Surya are rare in our country.

Arasavalli, Andhra PradeshThis is perhaps the only Sun Temple in the entire Coramandal Coast since the Konark Temple on the Orissa Coast always remained an incomplete and unfinished project. It is said to have been built originally by the Kalinga rulers of Orissa around the 7th century CE.

The Legend
The legend says that 'Indra' the king of Gods attempted to force his entry into the temple of Koteeshwara - Shiva and was thrown away by the gatekeeper 'Nandi'. Repentful of his arrogance in attempting to force his entry, Indra enshrined Surya the Sun God in a temple and performed worship services, at Arasavalli.

The Deities
An image Surya, about 5ft in height bearing lotus buds (hence the name 'Padma Paani'), which is made of black granite image of flanked by his consorts 'Padma', 'Usha' and 'Chhaaya', on a 7 horse driven chariot is worshipped here. At the base of the image are the gatekeepers 'Pingala' and 'Danda' and the saints 'Sanaka' and 'Sananda'. 'Aruna', Surya's charioteer is also depicted in the image. The present structure is largely a result of 18th century renovations.

The Temple is a 'Panchayatana' temple with 'Aditya' in the center, with 'Ganesha', Shiva, Parvati and Vishnu in Four Corners of the quadrangle. An image of 'Indra' is also enshrined in this temple.

There is popular belief that if people suffering from eye and skin, diseases visit this temple and offer their prayers to the Sun God, he would heal their sickness. They believe that the Sun God is a God of Health.


'SuryanarayanaSwami Kalyanotsavam' celebrated at the place during March-April for 5 days is an important annual event when thousands of devotees congregate.


Air: Nearest airport is at Vishakhapatnam.

Rail: The nearest railway station is Srikakulam, at a distance of 3-km.

Road: Arasavalli is around 110-kms from Vishakhapatnam. Srikakulam is well connected by road from all the places in the state. There are frequent bus connections to Arasavalli through Srikakulam.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Srikakulam.

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