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Location : 10-km From Guntur
Presiding Deity :Shiva
Main Attraction : A Huge Nandi

Chebrolu is a small ancient village with many historical remains. It is situated 10-km from Guntur. This place got its prominence from the existence of four temples, 'Bhimeshwara', 'Adikeshwara', 'Nageshwara' and 'Brahmalingeshwara'.

The Temple Shrines
A huge Lingam shrine can be found at Bhimeswara temple. The Adikeshwara temple has two shrines. Outside the Nageshwara temple compound one can find a huge 'Nandi' pavilion, which a main attraction.

The Brahmalingeshwara temple has a small shrine situated in the middle of the temple tank. The main deity is a Shiva Lingam, which has four images of 'Brahma' carved on its sides. Devotees can access this shrine through a bridge across the waters of the tank.


Rail: The nearest railway station is at Vijayawada.

Road: Chebrolu is 10-km from Guntur. Local transportation is available from Vijayawada.


Accommodation is available in the hotels at Guntur.

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