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Location : 22-km From Narasaraopet, Guntur District
Presiding Deity : Lord Shiva Known As Kapotheswara
Unique Feature : One Of The Earliest Hindu Temples
Famous For : Temple Architecture

It is a village situated 22-km northeast of Narasaraopet in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. This village is reputed for its temple of Kapoteswara dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the very earliest Hindu temples in Andhra area, the origin of which dates back to the 3rd & 4th century.

Chezerla, Andhra PradeshThe deity is called "Kapotheswara", after the famous story of Sibi mentioned in the Mahabharata. Sibi is said to have sacrificed a part of his own body, as an offering to an eagle, which was pursuing a pigeon or a Kapotha, in order to save it from destruction. This story is a renowned one not only, in Hindu mythology, but also in the Buddhist Jataka tales, which give us the lives of Siddhartha, the Buddha, in his previous Janmas.

The deity is in Lingakara. The image is said to be the image of the 'Kalebara' of Sibi. The image has large cavities, which represents the portions of the body, which were cut off to save the Kapotha. One of these cavities helps to drain off the 'Abhisheka Teertha' to an unknown place and even today the smell of raw flesh and blood comes out of this since the God here is a very powerful one.

The Exquisitely Designed Temples
This temple is of greatest importance from the point of view of temple architecture. There are three types of temple architecture, called the "Nagara", the "Vesara" and the "Dravida", and the main distinguishing features of these are to be seen only in the 'Vimana' over the main shrine of the temple. It is built in a unique style, as it is sacred to Buddhism and Hinduism, conforming both to the 'Chaitya' hall designs and the 'Shilpa Shastras' rules.


Road: It can be accessed by road from Narasaraopet. APSRTC runs regular buses from Narasaraopet, Guntur, and Vijayawada.


Government Guest House, Chezrela

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