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Location : One And Half Miles From Tirupati, Chittoor District
Presiding Deity : Lord Shiva As Kapileswara
Sacred Theertha : One Of The 108 Sacred Teerthas (Springs) On Tirumala Hills.

One and half miles from Tirupati at the mountain foot of 'Sheshadri' hill there is a temple where Kapileswara abides in the form of Linga (Phallus) called "Kapila Teertham". The Shiva Lingam is made of brass in one of the shrines at Kapila Teertham.

According To The Inscriptions
According to Puranas 'Kapilamuni' of 'Paataala' (under-world) originally worshipped the Linga at Kapila Theertham. Lord Shiva is said to have blessed Sage Kapila with a vision of himself and his consort etc. But for some cause the Kapila Lingam pierced up through the earth to its surface, 'Suras' (Devatas) started worshipping it. Even before the Linga forced itself up, the 'Kamadhenu' (celestial cow) made her way through a hole to the earth and took form here.

In front of Kapila Lingam lies a very sacred 'Sarovara' (lake), which is the 'Bilam' (cavity) through which 'Kapila Maharshi' came to earth. A spring falls on the temple. Both the temple and the waterfall are considered to be highly pious.

During 'Kartika' month on the occasion of its "mukkoti" on the 'Purnima' (full moon) day, all the teerthas situated in the three world's merge into this Kapila Teertham at noon for ten 'Ghatikas'. It is believed that persons bathing in it at that auspicious time will attain salvation from the cycle of birth and death ('Brahmaloka').


Road & Rail: Tirupati is well connected by train and road. Tourists can take bus, taxi, auto, or any other local means of transport to reach to this place.


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