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Location : 13-km From Narasaraopet, Guntur District
Presiding Deity : Trikoteswara Swami
Originally Known As : Kondakavuru Or Trikutaparvatam

Kotappa Konda is one of the important pilgrim centres of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 13-km south- west of Narasaraopet in Guntur district. Original name of this village is Kondakavuru, but is more popularly known as "Kotappakonda" or "Trikutaparvatam" (three-peaked hill). The deity on this hill is named Trikoteswara.

A Three Peaked Hill
Kotappa Konda, Andhra PradeshIt has got a three-peaked hill nearby. The Kotappa Konda or hill is at a height of 1587ft. The three hills, also known by the names of "Trikutachalam" or "Trikutadri", can be distinctly seen from a distance from any direction. These three peaks are named after the Hindu 'Triumverate', Brahma, Vishnu and 'Maheshwara'.

Sri Trikoteswara Swami Temple was in existence even before 1000 AD. A steep flight of steps leads to the hill at the height of 600ft, where the Temple of Sri Trikoteswara Swami is situated. The deity is established in the shape of Shiva Linga known as 'Trikuteswara' or 'Trikoteswara'.

A Scared Place
At this sacred place, Lord Shiva, as "Dakshana Murthy" imparted the divine knowledge of "Brahma" to Lord Brahma and other Gods. Since Lord Shiva who converted himself as a twelve years boy observing strict celibacy and known as Dakshana Murthy, devotees do not perform any marriages at these hills.


View Point: A number of ponds are found on the hill of which eight are located in front of the temple. A "View Point" is erected on the corner of the hill to provide a breathtaking overall view of the surroundings. To enable the pilgrims take in and enjoy nature's bounty in its full splendour and also to accommodate the growing number of visitors a 'ghat' road was constructed.

Deer Park & Kaleeya Mardana: A Deer Park is also developed on the way. A small lake called "Kaleeya Mardana" is created, with the statue of Lord Krishna dancing on the head of 'Kaleeya' (a venomous snake). It is placed with special lighting effects in the middle of the lake. An artificial Jurassic park with mobile dinosaurs of monstrous size is another attraction of this place.

The Sanctuary: Another attraction for the tourists is the Sanctuaries for peacocks, doves, and parrots developed by the Forest Department.

Yaga Shala: A meditation center called "Yaga Shala" is constructed on the lines of the Mount Abu, on the top of the hill and is exclusive used for conducting 'homam' (holy fire) with a sprawling dining hall.

This temple is very sacred. Trikoteswara Swami blesses the devotees who religiously worship him.


Maha Shivaratri is the important festival celebrated here with great devotion and fervour. Kotappa Konda comes alive on this eve, which falls during February-March every year.


Rail: Nearest railway station is at Narasaraopet.

Road: It is easily accessible by road. One can catch regular State buses from Hyderabad and major towns of A.P. The best way to approach this village is to take buses from Narsaraopet, Chilakaluripet and Vijayawada.


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