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Location : 52-km From Adoni, Kurnool District
Samadhi Of : Madhwa, Saint Sri Raghavendra
Dated Back To : 300 Years

Mantralayam is situated 52-km from Adoni, on the banks of river Tungabhadra. It gained prominence as the Madhawa, Saint Sri Raghavendra attained his Samadhi at Mantralayam near Kurnool some 300 years ago.

Mantralayam, Andhra PradeshHe was born to Tammanna Bhatt and his wife Gopamma in the 16th Century, as a result of a boon granted by the Lord of Tirupati Sri 'Venkateswara' or 'Venkateshwara', the Saint of 'Mantralayam' was named 'Venkatnath'.

The Legend Of Venkatnath
Looking at the young Venkatnath's power of eloquence, spiritual yearning, high caliber for learning the verses demonstrated great promise in the child. He was initiated into his studies in the fifth year. Venkatanath drank in the essence of the Vedas, 'Ashtadasapuranas' and became a scholar of repute. He was married early to Saraswati.

Later, he was sent to Sri 'Sudheendra Teertha, a renowned 'Madhva Peetadhipathi' (head of religions sect) of his day living at Kumbhakonam (in Tamil Nadu). Venkatanath was awarded the title of 'Parimalacharya' (scholar par excellence) by his guru for his commentary as the monumental treatise of Sri 'Sudha'. He was awarded the title 'Bhattacharya' and called 'Venkata Bhatta'', as he displayed superior calibre with scholars and literary luminaries.

Venkatnath led a life of poverty with his wife and son. He went with his family to his preceptor, Sri 'Sudheendra Teertha' who allowed them to stay at the mutt (a Hindu monastery). Venkatanath spent rest of his time writing books and teaching students. It did not take much time to gain the confidence of his Guru.

Looking at his spiritual inquiry, single-minded devotion and intellectual brilliance he was choosed as the successor as the "Madhava-Peetadhipathi". He soon became patron saint of the Hindus and a champion of 'Madhwa' philosophy. A philosophy, which believes that God, is different, and men are different. Irrespective of caste, creed or race God, who is the kindest sage, showers his blessings on all mankinds.

Swamiji wished to enter samadhi, as if, the purpose of his incarnation has come to an end. He choose a particular stone, which Swamiji believed was consecrated by Sri Rama by taking rest on it for seven 'Ghadias'. He proclaimed that the power of the holy stone was, as such that his Samadhi would receive prayers and offerings for seven hundred years to come. Amidst multitude of devotees and disciples whose sorrows swelled like a sea, the superlative Swami entered 'Sajiva Samadhi' some three hundred years back. There was a gloom all over and it appeared that somebody had stolen light from the Sun for sometime.

It is believed that he is a divine saint who fulfils all the righteous wishes of his devotees. He asked his devotees to seek Moksha. Devotees believe that, Sri Raghavendra is an incarnation of celestial light. Even to this day, he performs many miracles. The temple was constructed some three hundred years ago. A large number of followers and devotees of all religious sects visit this little town to pay their tributes.


The car festival of the deity, celebrated annually from 'Sravana Suddha Chaturdasi' to 'Bahula Pancahmi' (August-September), is of all-India importance and on this occasion, about 20,000 pilgrims congregate.


Rail: It has a railway station on Mantralayam Road, which is 12-km from Mantralayam. It lies in the rail route from Mumbai , Delhi , Chennai , Bangalore and Hyderabad .

Road: A.P tourism conducts a package tour from Hyderabad. Buses are available to Mantralayam from Kurnool and Hyderabad .


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