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Location : 35-km From Kadiri, Anantapur District
Famous For : Biggest banyan Tree
Named After : Thimmamma

It is located 35-km from Kadiri. It is famous as it has a banyan tree, which is locally called as "Thimmamma Marrimanu''. It is regarded as the biggest of its kind in the south India, its branches spreading over nearly 5 acres. It is named after 'Thimmamma' who was considered to be the representative of the Almighty. To the pride of India, the "Marrimanu" was recorded as the biggest tree in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989.

A small temple dedicated to Thimmamma lies under the tree. An account of this lady in Telugu kept at the shrine reveals that she was the daughter of a Setti Balija couple Sennakka Venkatappa and Mangamma, born in AD 1394. She was married to a Bala Veerayya who died in 1434, and Thimmamma committed 'Sati'.

The banyan tree is believed to have sprouted at the place where she ascended the funeral pyre. The people of this area strongly believe that if a childless couple worship "Thimmamma" they will have a child the very next year. A big 'Jatara' is conducted here on the day of "Shivaratri" when thousands and thousands of people flock here to worship 'Thimmamma' on this occasion.


Road: Those who wish to visit the "Gutibayalu" can travel either from Anantapur or Puttaparthi or Hindupur and can reach Kadiri. The APSRTC plies daily services to Gutibayalu from Kadiri.


Tourists can take rest at the tourism department's tourist lounge at Thimmamma Marrimanu.

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