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Location : Pattikonda, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh
Famous For : Superb Architecture
Architecture : Vesara Style

An ancient temple, famous for its superb architectural felt, is located in a small village of Pattikonda Taluk of Anantapur district. Built in the 'Vesara' architectural style its component parts, like 'Garbhagriha', 'Antarala', 'Mukhamandap', 'Pradakshinapatha' are vast and has a strong 'Prakara' and 'Mahadwara' surmounting an imposing tower.

There is an extremely beautiful image of 'Mulavirat Channakesavaswami' made of black granite. The 'Parivaradevatas' installed in niches too are best specimens of fine sculpture. It displays an architectural marvel that is unique and most praise - worthy as evidenced by the reflection of the image of 'Vimana' on the floor of the hall, when light is allowed to pass through a hole of the main door, on shuting all the doors. Besides art-lovers and miracle-loving people, ardent Vaishnavates also visit this temple to witness this unique feature.

The periodical traditional festivals too attract larger number of 'bhaktas'.


Road: Tourists can take buses from the nearby, Pattikonda.


There are no hotels nearby but one can stay at Anantapur.

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