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Location : Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Locally Known As : Malleswara Swami Temple
Presiding Deity : Malleswara Swami (Lord Shiva)
Built By : Yudhisthira (Eldest Of The Pandava Brothers)

Adjacent to the Kanakadurga temple is the shrine of Malleswara Swami on the Indrakiladri hill. Mallikarjuna or the Malleswara as he is known in the Puranas is said to have been installed by 'Yudhishthira', the eldest of the 'Pancha Pandavas', as a token of their victory of the South.

Mallikarjuna Swami Temple,  Andhra PradeshThribhuvana Malla, Western Chalukya King of the 10th century AD, historically constructed the temple. By ascending the steps on the hill, one comes across little images of different deities, prominent among them being Kali, Shiva and Krishna.

The Legends
There are interesting legends about the origin of the Malleswaraswamy temple also. It is stated that, prior to the 'Kalyuga', the sage 'Agastya' had named the Lord at Vijayawada as 'Jayasena'. The Mahabharata hero Arjuna, called the Lord as Malleswara. Thus, the famous Lord Shiva so goes the legend, graces with his presence and blesses the town Vijayawada on the banks of the sacred Krishna river.


Rail & Road: Vijayawada is well connected by rail and road to all the important places within and outside the state. Local buses, auto's and taxis are available in Vijayawada.


Hotel accommodation is available in Vijayawada.

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