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Location : Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
Built In : 1213 AD
Built By : Kakatiya Dynasty
Unique Feature : The Only Temple In India Known By The Name Of The Sculptor Who Built It

Palamapet is a small village 70-km away from Warangal district. It is known for it's famous Ramappa temple, which is a magnificent monument built by the general, 'Recherla Rudra' during the reign of 'Ganapati Deva' in the year 1213.

A Unique Feature
Ramappa Temple,  Andhra PradeshThe unique feature of this temple is that it is the only temple in India known by the name of the sculptor who built it. The head sculptor was Ramappa, after whom the temple is known today, rather than after the presiding deity, 'Ramalingeswara' also known as Rudreshwara, as is the general norm.

The Kakatiya kings reigned over Andhra Pradesh for about 200 years and were great builders and patrons of art. Kakati Ganapati Deva, an eminent ruler of Kakatiya dynasty was a great patron of art and learning and the Ramappa temple is probably his best contribution to South Indian temple architecture.

A Fine Specimen Of Kakatiya Architecture
This is another fine example of Kakatiya architecture, which speaks of the glory and grandeur of the Kakatiya Kingdom. The temple is situated in a valley and is built with bricks so light that they can float on water. Yet, the temple is so strong that it is still intact after numerous wars, invasions and natural calamities. It has numerous carved pillars.

According to the inscriptions, there used to be three temples - 'Kateshwara', 'Kameshwara' and 'Rudreshwara' - all dedicated to Lord Shiva. Now only the Rudreshwara temple remains intact. The temple stands majestically on a six feet high star-shaped platform that blends beautifully with the rest of the structure above.

The two other Shiva shrines mentioned in the inscription flank this main edifice, which are in ruins now. A compound wall surrounds the spacious temple complex and around it is a vast expanse of paddy crops dotted with scores of toddy palms, which lend a special attraction to the monument.

Inspired By Hindu Mythology
The temple is sculpted right from its base to its wall panels and pillars, and the ceiling is a cosmos of figures drawn from Hindu mythology. Several episodes from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, figures of celestial maidens holding a variety of musical instruments, rows of elephants, dancers, battle scenes etc., are meticulously carved, lavishly ornamented and highly polished.


Lake Ramappa Cheruvu
Ramappa Temple,  Andhra PradeshAbout 1.5-km from this temple there is an idyllic lake, Ramappa Cheruvu, also created by Recherla Rudra. The lake is set amidst the picturesque forested hills. The landscape appears natural, pleasant, fascinating and alluring. The lake covers an area of around 24-sq-kms.


Rail: Nearest railhead is Warangal.

Road: Palampet is around 70-km from Warangal by road. State road transport services are available from Warangal.


Hotel accommodation is available at Warangal.

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