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Location : In Ryali, 24-km From Rajamundry, East Godavari District
Presiding Deity :
Umakamandeleshwara (Lord Shiva)

Umakamandeleshwara Temple is located in Ryali, East Godavari district. Ryali is situated at a distance of 24-km from Rajahmundry. The presiding deity of the temple is Umakamandeleshwara, one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

The Legend:
After hearing about the alluring beauty of Jaganmohini, Lord Shiva met Lord Vishnu and expressed his desire to see Jaganmohini. Lord Vishnu accepted the proposal. When Lord Shiva was returning to Kailash, Lord Vishnu appeared before him in the form of Jaganmohini, a damsel with striking beauty. Lord Shiva fell in love and chased her.

To take some respite the beautiful damsel stopped for a while at Ryali, when a colorful flower fell on the ground from her plaits. Lord Shiva lifted it and inhaled the fragrance of the flower. As soon as he inhaled the damsel turned into Maha Vishnu, who was mischievously smiling at Lord Shiva. Embarrassed at his folly and with a fear that Lord Vishnu might tease him, Lord Shiva preferred to stay at this place permanently.

After some time, Lord Brahma came to Earth and bathed the Lingam with the water of his kamandalam and named it as Uma Kamalandeswara. From then onwards Lord Shiva is offered prayers in Ryali, in the name of Umakamandeleshwara.


Rail: The nearest railway station from Ryalli is Rajahmundry.

Road: From Rajahmundry one can take a bus to reach Ryali.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Rajahmundry.

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