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+Location : Anakapalle, Vishakhapatnam
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Notable Buddhist Remains

A Buddhist Site
Sankara is a small village over 2-km from Anakapalle, Vishakhapatnam. The name Sankara comes from the term Sangharama. There are two low contiguous rock hills running east and west, which are locally known as the Bojjanakonda. They contain some notable Buddhist remains of the State.

Sankara,  Andhra PradeshThree huge Stupas at three different places were cut with great difficulty from the rocks in these hills. The biggest of these is about 9m in diameter, which was first arrived out of a rock and then veneered with bricks.

Also bricks-built structural edifices, early historic pottery and Satavahana coins dating back to the 1st century AD have been discovered here. On the eastern side of the hills are a rock-cut temple with numerous Buddhist sculptures and also a life-size statue of Buddha.

At Lingalametta, there are innumerable rock-cut monolithic stupas in rows, spread all over the hill. Relic casket, three chaitya halls, votive platforms, stupas and Vajrayana sculptures are the other attractions.


Rail & Road: Tourists can access this place by road from Anakapalle or Vishakhapatnam, which is well connected by rail and road.


Small budgeted hotels are available for accommodation at Anakapalle.

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