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Location: North Eastern Part Of India
Capital: Itanagar
Tourist Attractions: Tawang, Caves, Orchids And Wildlife
Best Time To Visit: Round The Year

A view of Malinthan, Arunachal PradeshArunachal being one of the most unexplored regions of India is blessed with some of the most panoramic natural horizons within its cities. First comes the capital, Itanagar, which is major accessibility point to all over the state. It is built on a saddle overlooked by two hills, one occupied by the Governor's house and the other by a new Buddhist temple. Another place to check out is Tawang - the beautiful land of the Monpa tribe, moored high up in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. The journey towards Bomdila turns out to be the most adventurous one, offering wonderfully panoramic views of the mountainous landscapes and snow-clad ranges.

Cities Of Arunachal Pradesh

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