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Location: North Eastern Part Of India
Capital: Itanagar
Tourist Attractions: Tawang, Caves, Orchids And Wildlife
Best Time To Visit: Round The Year

Hillstatins In Arunachal PradeshThe hilly towns of Arunachal are not as famous as the rest of their Himalayan counterparts, yet it's their lesser-known identity and beauty that lures a travelers to visit these place. Zero is surrounding by low lying pine clad hills on all sides and is famous for its paddy-cum-fish culture, because its situated on the Apatani plateau. Along is another hill station ideal for indulging in adventure sports such as trekking, hiking and angling on the river Siyom. On the basin of the river Siang, Pasighat the headquarters of East Siang District is situated, also famous as a well-known tourist spot and its natural beauty is yet unparallel.

Hillstations In Arunachal Pradesh

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