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Location : Assam
Archeological Significance : Contain Remains Of Post Gupta Period And Rock Cut Buddhist Relics.

Both of these places exist facing each other on the north and south banks of the Brahmaputra respectively. They contain several cubicles hewn in precipitous rocks. They are supposed to have beens used by monks for meditation during the medieval period.

Most of these caves were small and were just big enough for sitting or sleeping, but not high enough for a full-grown man to stand upright. However, they can be said to be archaeological curios as they do not inform us about their creator not about their

time of construction. Pancharatna contains remnants of a post Gupta temple as also some rock-cut relics including a monolithic Buddhist Stupa. Some other antiquities are also seen in the neighbourhood.

Road: Both the sites are linked by motorable roads existing on either bank of the Brahmaputra River. Pancharatna in the south bank is about 160-km west of Guwahati by road and Jogighopa is 212-km from Guwahati by northern highways. Regular ferry services are available in between the sites across the Brahmaputra.

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