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Location : 47-km From Haflong, Assam
Famous As : Headquarters Of The North Cachar Hills District
Historical Significance : Capital Of Kachari Kingdom
Main Attraction : Ramchandi Temple

Maibong in the lap of the North Cachar Hills is a small town and the headquarters of the North Cachar Hills district. Located 338-km away from Guwahati, it can be visited both by road (via Lamding) and railways.

An Ancient Capital City
Maibong was the capital of the Kachari kingdom from mid-sixteenth to mid-eighteenth century AD. The remains of this old capital still exist on the east bank of the Mahur River and to the south of Maibong of the day. This old capital, which was approximately 1-sq-km in area was fortified all around and segmented into blocks with earthen ramparts, which were reinforced with bricks.

The buildings inside this capital do not exist at present but a few of the stone sculptures and carved blocks from this city are now preserved in the Haflong District Museum.


The most attractive object of Maibong is a two-roofed monolithic temple, known as the Ramchandi temple. The temple bears an inscription of AD 1761.


Rail: The nearest railhead is situated at Guwahati, 338-km. The nearest railway station is located at Lamding.

Road: Regular bus services ply to Maibong via Lamding.


Haflong: 47-km
Silchar: 131-km
Umrongso: 159-km
Nowgang: 157-km
Lamding: 188-km

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