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Location: North East of India
Capital: Dispur
Tourist Attractions: Tribes, Tea Gardens, Wildlife
Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

Music of Assam has a greater significance when it comes to festival celebrations. No festival is complete without the rhyme and rhythms of musical instruments and melodic tunes. The most notable and unique music is of the Bihu festival.

Composition Of Bihu Songs

The language of the Bihu songs has changed from generation to generation. The songs are composed in couplets that rhyme and are almost always accompanied by a distinctive form of dancing, and each couplet depicts a different emotion. The language is simple and suggestive, and the style is neat and clear. Scholars agree that the songs have no influence of Sanskrit.

The Bihu songs have exercised great influence on Assamese literature. Even the translator (Madhav Deva, 1849-1596 AD) of the great Hindu epic Ramayana and the great hymn composer Shankardeva (1449-1569 AD) could not escape their influence.

At the current time, Mukoli Bihus are not common any more. In towns and cities, there are well-organized Bihu fairs where professional or amateur troupes perform Bihu songs on stage with accompanying dancing. "Bihu Kunwori" or "The Princess of the Bihu" contests are held widely. In these contests, young women compete in dancing to the tune of Bihu songs. The best dancer is given the title of Bihu Kunwori.

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