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Location: 18-km East Of Dhuburi, Assam
Significance: Contains The Oldest Mosque Of Assam.
Main Attractions: The Mosque & Alamganj

Panbari is situated 18-km east of Dhuburi and lies on the way to Guwahati. Panbari contains the oldest mosque of Assam. Standing majestically beside the National Highway, this three-domed edifice is ascribed to Mirjumla, the Mughal Governor of Bengal, who invaded Assam in AD 1662.

The Mughal Touch
Of late, a township consisting of brick-plinths, terracotta antiquities as also horde of coins have been discovered near this mosque, which have been tentatively assigned to the Mughal period. The area is also believed to be the headquarters of Hussain Shah who was the Governor of Bengal at the turn of the 15th century AD.

At Alamganj, 7-km west of Panbari and half a kilometre south from the National Highway, exist a self-standing massive wall along with a large and deep well, which are presumed to be part of an Idgah establishment. They belong to 16th - 17th century AD.


Alamganj: 7-km
Dhuburi: 18-km

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