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Location : 34-km From Guwahati, Kamrup District, Assam
Also Known As : Pancharath
Presiding Deity : Mahabhairab
Architectural Style : Nagara Architecture

Madan Kamadeva is a temple complex of 24 temples, and is popularly known as "Khajuraho of Kamrup". Set on a hillock full of Sal and Teak forest. The exact history of the origin of the temples is not known, but it has been estimated that the temple complex was built during the period of 10th-12th century in Pal dynasty.

Layout Of The Temple
Madan Kamdev Temple, AssamMadan Kamadev or "Pancharath" had been built in 5 sections in the affluent nature of Brahmaputra valley. Nagara architecture had been used in the well-sculptured temple having images carved out of monolithic rock. Erotic images had been sculptured in the ornamentation. Uma and Maheswar, being the warranting deities of the temple, are the main attraction. A six headed Bhairab, 4 armed Shiva, terrible looking demon, men-women and others are images present in the temple.

The deity is worshipped at the Madan-Rati temple till today. On the full-moon night Madan Kamadeva becomes heavenly. Possibly negligence but nobody really knows the cause of the temples becoming ruins; but it only helps the sentimental yearning for the golden past of the temples.

Road: From Guwahati, 34-km along NH-51 on Rangia-Tezpur route one will reach Baihata Chariali or Chaurasta. On the right of it from 1½-km Southeast gateway further 3½-km is situated Madan Kamadeva. Frequent bus services are there from Guwahati, to Baihata Chariali. Mini bus is also available over here. Buses from Rangia and Tezpur also run on this route via Baihata Chariali.

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