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Location: North East of India
Capital: Dispur
Tourist Attractions: Tribes, Tea Gardens, Wildlife
Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

The Barmans are none other but the Hinduised Kacharis or, to be more accurate, Hinduised Dimasas) of the district of Cachar. These Kacharis were undoubtedly the self-group of the Boro-Kacharis who at a later period introduced themselves as Dimasa.

Customs, Traditions And Religious Beliefs
They are now more a Hindu than anything else. Amongst the old innumerable religious festivals they have so far retained only one viz, the Dainie Puja. The Hindu rites govern their marriages and funerals.

The Barman People
The people of the Barmans identified themselves with the Kshatriyas. Agriculture is their main occupation.

The Village And Household
The Barman villages are situated generally by the side of the hills. While selecting the site of the village they also prefer a river flowing nearby.

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