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Location: North East of India
Capital: Dispur
Tourist Attractions: Tribes, Tea Gardens, Wildlife
Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

The Deoris are a branch of the 'Chutiyas', which belong to the Boro race. They speak the Chutiya language, which also belongs to the Boro group. The four divisions of the Chutiya of which Deori is one may be stated as follows:

  1. Hindu Chutiyas.
  2. Ahom Chutiyas.
  3. Deori Chutiyas - the priest clan.
  4. Borahi Chutiyas- the pig eating clan (in all probability this was the ruling clan).

Customs, Traditions & Religious Beliefs
Deoris belonging to the Tengaponia sub clan do not take mutton or flesh of goat as it is forbidden according a legend clan. The term "Deori" appears to be a later coinage derived from "Deva" which means a God.

The Deori People
Deoris are mainly found in Lakhimpur and Sibsagar districts. They are bilingual and speak both Assamese and their own language. Agriculture is the main source of income for the Deoris. In many Deori villages there are traditional community weaving centres of the girls too.

The Village And Household
Deori villages are generally found in the riverine areas having fertile land. The Deori village consists of thirty or more households. Their houses are constructed on a bamboo platform raised about five feet above the ground.

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