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Location: North East of India
Capital: Dispur
Tourist Attractions: Tribes, Tea Gardens, Wildlife
Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

Like the Kacharis, Mishing, Garos and other aboriginal tribes of the Northeast the Rabhas too have their stock of legends, which are supposed to explain how the earth and the lives appeared and how they began to worship different animated and inanimated objects and to live in a certain area. This ancient legend is also the source of the 'Marugeet', the long devotional song sung during Khaksi Puja, the late spring festival of the Rabhas.

Customs, Traditions & Religious Beliefs
Rabha Dance, AssamThe Rabhas practise monogamy. They observe a yearly festival for the dead Kings of the clan, which is known as "Farkhanthi". Their biggest festival of the year is Baikhu, also called Khaksi, which appears to be a fertility festival.

The Rabha People
The Rabhas speak a language different, but not quite so from that of the Kacharis. Both belong to the same branch viz. Assam Burmese. The Rabha language is spoken at present by a handful of the tribe who belong to Rangdaniya and Maitoria groups. The village economy is mainly based on agriculture. Almost cent percent of the Rabha people are agriculturists.

The Village And Household
Rabha village inhabited either by the Rangdiniya or the Maitoria sub-group. Their house is a two-roof affair. But for the plinth it looks like a Deori or Mishing house.

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