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Location: North East of India
Capital: Dispur
Tourist Attractions: Tribes, Tea Gardens, Wildlife
Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

Tiwas were none but a section of the great Boro-Kachari race and during the 13th or 14th century they lived somewhere near the Boro-Kachari capital at Dimapur. So ultimately a great number of the tribe came down to the plains of Nowgong, Kamrup and Lakhimpur.

Customs, Traditions & Religious Beliefs
Their religion is like that of the Boro-Kacharis. TTiwa Dancehey too follow the cult of poly-demonism. Their principal God is 'Pha' which means a father. They believe this 'Pha' to be none but Lord Shiva. Tiwas have got a number of festivals including a number of Pujas or religious functions. The Changkhong and Sagramichowa are the two Pujas connected with spring and fertility.

The Tiwa People
The Tiwa population in Assam consists mainly in the district of Nowgong. In the matter of village occupation the Lalungs are no better than the Boro-Kacharis. The womenfolk are god weavers.

The Village And Household
There is no striking difference between a Boro-Kachari and a Lalung village. Womenfolk command respect in the society.

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