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Famous Regions : Jia Bhoroli River, Kapili & Manas, Assam
Angling Season : October To April

The river Jia Bhoroli, Kapili and Manas are the best places for Golden Mahseer angling since the days of the British. The Jia Bhoroli of Assam has a long and glorious history of Mahseer angling. The Jia-Bhoroli is a magnificent snow fed sparkling river that rumbles and swirls done the rugged mountain valleys of Arunachal Pradesh , and then through the dense green Balipara Reserve Forest, forming gorges and fiery rapids to join the mighty Brahmaputra.

Brahmaputra is one of the most fascinating rivers - full of joy and life - which leaves the adventure loving tourists, anglers and naturalists in utter awe. It is also the home of the Golden Mahseer known as the "Tiger of Indian rivers" and the "dread of every angler".

Angling, AssamThe Seasonal Fishing Camp
The fishing seasonal camp at Potasah is easily accessible, and is only an hour's drive from the town of Tezpur, about two hours drive from the Kaziranga National Park and about 220-km from Guwahati.

However, anglers have the choice of other base camps too like the Tourist Bungalow of the Government of Assam at the picturesque hilly township of Bhalukpong, on the banks of the Jia Bhoroli River or the tourist lodge at Tezpur town. The main highway leading to Bomdila and Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh runs miles along the way.

The Rubber Dinghy Rafting
Still, the best way of fishing throughout the length of the river from Bhalukpong to Potasali, about 26-km of water stretch, is by using an inflatable rubber dinghy. In fact, a rubber dinghy ride has become so popular that the 'Inflatable Rubber Dinghy Rafting Competition' has been introduced by the Assam (Bhoreli) Anglers Association in 1992 along with the angling competition held regularly since 1981 in the early part of November every year.

The angling season with rod and line in the Bhoroli River starts from early October and continues upto late April. Yet, one can venture out for sports fishing even during the middle of the monsoon season. But, it is not advisable to be on the river during the breeding season, and when the river is in full spate.

Angling For The Mahseer
The main attraction of the river for the keen angler is the Golden Mahseer (Tor Puti-Tora). With its flair for a fight on the line, it can be a heart - throbbing experience for any angler. The other sporting fishes are Bokar (Aerossocheilus Hexag Onolipts) commonly known as the Chocolate Mahseer, Sal, (Murrel), Goonch (Bagarius Bagarius) and of course, the Indian Trout (Raimas Bola).

It is always pleasant and thrilling to raft down the Jia Bhoroli River in a rubber dinghy amidst the vibrant green, and serene surroundings. This gives the angler ample scope to try his luck with rod and line, and the choice of several splitting channels of the river, which meet downstream forming some of the excellent spots for casting the line in a school of fish.

Where To Go Fishing?
The most favoured fishing spots in the Jia Bhoroli river are the confluences of the hill streams - the Digi, the Nameria and the Upor Dikri and several small creeks rushing down to meet the main river forming pools and lagoons for the enthusiasts to thrill with the screeching run of the reel. At the end of the day, one might land up with a prized Mahseer.

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