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Location of Bangalore: Bangalore, Karnataka.
Also Called As: Electronic City of India.
Bangalore is Famous For: Growing Software.
Loss Of Prominence: Due To Infrastructural Problems.

Bangalore was already called the Electronic City of India but the establishment of the Silicon Park on the out skirts has converted it into the Silicon City of the world. With major players in the IT industry gaining footholds here, Bangalore is destined to emerge as the electronic hub of the world. Dubbed as the Silicon Valley, Bangalore, in addition to being the centre of India's software industry also has holdings in aircraft, electronics and machine tools.

Best known within India for being the country's unofficial high-tech capital, the city is the playground of many Indian as well as multinational Infotech companies. The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is becoming the centre for information & technology in India. A major industrial and commercial centre with scientific and research activity; the city has made a niche for itself in the international arena in terms of its growing software.

Silicon RushThe Silicon Rush
It comes as a surprise to many visitors to learn that India is the second largest exporter of computer software after the US. Generating sales of around $720 million every year, the apex of this hi-tech boom was the Electrical City Industrial Park, on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Bangalore's rapid industrial rise began in early 1980's. Fleeing the crippling costs of Mumbai and Delhi, a clutch of hi-tech Indian companies relocated here. The cool climate and an untapped pool of highly skilled, English speaking labour, a consequence of the Indian government's decision to concentrate its telecommunications and defence research here in the 1960's lured the multinationals to this city. Within a decade, Bangalore had become a major player in the software market and a magnet for the multinationals such as Motorola and Texas Instruments, who have their own satellite link with head office in Dallas.

The Techno-Savvy People
Bangalore, the city of 4 ½ million people - undoubtedly the fastest growing city in Asia, is a dynamic mix of a fascinating history & an equally wondrous techno-culture. The roots of global culture are very prominent among the people of Bangalore, be it the IT ring or the more than tens-of-thousands of students. Filtering down to everyday life, cyber joints can be found in every major block of the city. It is the urban-oriented, technology-based culture that drives the people of this beautiful city, to make it what it is.

Among the rustle of the trees & the threat of rain, the lush foliage of the city invites you to live life to the fullest, the smells & sounds carrying the very essence of traditional Deccan life.

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