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Location of Bangalore: Karnataka.
Bangalore Tourist Attractions: Bull Temple, Bangalore Palace.
Excursions from Bangalore: Ramohalli, Bannerghatta National Park.
Other Travel Attractions: Vidhan Soudha, Ulsoor Lake.

The Bull Temple
The 4.57m high and 6.10 m long image was built by Kempe Gowda, in the 16th century. The image has been carved out of a single granite rock. The original colour of Nandi bull was grey, which has now turned black due to the application of coconut oil by the devotees. The statue of the bull has been carved out of a single rock. Non-Hindus are not allowed in the temple. The temple is always busy with some ceremony or other. On weekends, there are musicians who perform at the temple.

Vidhan Soudha Vidhaan Soudha
A marvel of neo-Dravidian architecture and one of the most imposing building not only in Bangalore but in India, the Vidhaan Soudha houses the state legislative assembly of Karnataka and part of the Secretariat. The gleaming white domes, pillars and archways, resemble the architectural pattern of Mysore's old palaces. The huge, carved doors of the cabinet room are made of pure sandalwood. The entire building, when floodlit on Sunday evenings, presents a truly breathtaking picture.

Tipu's Palace
The summer palace of Tipu Sultan was built in Bangalore. The entire structure is built of teakwood. This double-storeyed ornate structure was constructed in 1781-1791 AD. This palace is beautifully decorated with floral motifs on the walls and ceilings. The structure is replete with pillars, arches and balconies. After the death of Tipu, this building was used by the British as their secretariat till 1867 AD. In busy market place of the city, are the remnants of this fort built by Tipu. What ever remains of the fort reminds one of the struggle of Tipu against the British. There is a small Ganesha temple among the fort ruins.

Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple
The temple is a natural monolith carved cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. On the 14/15 January every year, a ray of light passes precisely through the horns of the Nandi bull and illuminates the deity inside. This unique phenomenon occurs every year on the 'Makar Sankranti' day and attracts large number of devotees. The precision of the event shows advancement in the technical and scientific knowledge of our ancestors.

Ulsoor Lake
The 1.5 sq. km lake is dotted with islands. The picturesque lake is located on the North-Eastern fringes of the city and is an ideal place for boating and shopping. A Ganesh festival is organised in August / September. One of the Kempe Gowda watch-towers stands nearby. There is also a swimming pool nearby, which has different timings for males and females.

Karnataka State Government Museum
One of the oldest museums of India, established in 1866 AD, it has on display specimens of works of antiquity and ancient art, such as sculptures, coins and inscriptions found in different parts of Karnataka. The Museum has an attractive collection of specimens of archaeological and natural history, numismatics, ethnology, art and industrial art. It houses some 'virakals' (Hero-Stones) of South India.
Working hours 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on all days except Wednesdays and General Holidays.
Banglore Palace
Bangalore Palace
Built in the Tudor style and inspired by the Windsor Palace, a Wodeyar king built this palace in 1887 AD. This unique edifice stands in the heart of the city. It is built in a manner similar to medieval castles in Normandy and England. Its interior boasts of elegant wood carvings and Tudor-style architecture

Venkatappa Art Gallery
A wing of the State Government Museum, Venkatappa Art Gallery is an interesting place of visit. Water colour paintings, Plaster of Paris works and other works of art of the famous artist Venkatappa and some contemporary artists are on display. There is a separate section for the wooden sculptures of Major Cheppudira Ponnappa Rajaram. Attached to the Art Gallery is an exhibition hall, which is available on rent to artists for exhibiting their works of art.

Visweswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
Adjacent to the Government Museum in Bangalore is the Vishveshwaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, the second of its kind in India. Managed by the Council of Science & Industrial Research, the main objective behind its establishment is to inculcate in the people, a science consciousness. This museum is a tribute to Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah, a statesman who worked untiringly to bring science and technology to the common man. Working Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all working days, closed on all Mondays and notified holidays.

Aptly called 'The Garden City', due to the patronage of the Wodeyar rulers, this well-planned city with tree-lined avenues, parks, gardens and lakes attracts people from all over India. Bangalore has more than 400 gardens spread across the length and breadth of the city. In spite of all its expansions, it retains its quintessential old-world charm.

Cubbon Park (2 kms from MG Road)
Planned and laid out in 1864 AD, Cubbon Park is a beautiful 300-acres park containing the public library and the museum. The illuminated "fairy fountain" and the elegant Greco-colonial style buildings, add to the beauty of this park. The imposing, red Gothic structure within this park is Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, which houses the public library. Also situated here are the High Court, the Government Museum, the Technology Museum, the Government Aquarium and the Jawaharlal Bal Bhavan.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens (4 kms from MG Road)
These 240-acre gardens were laid out during the Muslim era (18 century) by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, 200 years ago. They contain the largest collection of rare tropical and sub-tropical plants, century-old trees, fountains, terraces, lotus pools, rose gardens and a Deer Park. Lal Bagh has a magnificent glass house built in 1840 AD, on the lines of London's Crystal Palace. The Annual flower, fruit and vegetable shows are regularly held here. It contains one of Kempegowda's towers and a surreal lawn clock surrounded by Snow White and seven dwarfs. Lal Bagh also houses the offices of the Karnataka Horticultural Society that renders free advice to those interested in flowers and gardens.

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