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Location of Banglore: Bangalore, Karnataka.
Banglore is Connected By: Air, Rail, Road.
Best Travel Season: Throughout The Year Except The Monsoon Months.
Population of Banglore: 5.4 Millions.


By Air
Bangalore has its own airport with almost all the major domestic airlines catering services to the city. The airport is 6 kms from city centre. Few selected international carriers also operate their flights to the city.
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By Rail
Bangalore has two railway stations, the Banglore City and Banglore Cantt. The major trains from and to Banglore terminate & start from the city station. Banglore is well connected to all the major towns of India.

By Road
Being the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore has very good motorable roads to various parts of the state. Some of the bus services are also serving the adjoining states.

Local Transport
There are very few yellow-top taxis in the city, mostly around the airport area, but tourist taxis are easily available from agencies, hotels and taxi stands. Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) maintains a fleet of cars for hire. A very commonly used mode of transport is the metered auto-rickshaw. The city also runs an efficient city-bus service, but the buses are usually crowded and the bus staff is generally rash and ruthless.


Area: About 5.4 Million
Population: 386 Sq. Kms
Altitude: 3000 Feet Above Sea Level.
Climate: Salubrious & Warm.
Warmest Months: March To May.
Average Temperature: 13°C To 26°C.
Coolest Months: December To January
Rainfall: 859 mm annually.
Languages: Kannada. English, Hindi, Telugu And Tamil Are Also Widely Spoken.


Mysore (139 km)
Hassan (187 km)
Tirupati (247 km)
Chennai (331 km)

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