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Location: Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Connected By: Air, Rail, Road
Royal Accommodation: ITDC's Hotel Kalinga Ashoka & Hotel Oberoi Bhubaneswar

Air: There are regular Indian Airlines flights to Hyderabad, Nagpur, Calcutta, Delhi, Varanasi, Bombay and Madras. The airport is very close to town. If you have an early morning flight, it is a good idea to have your hotel arrange a taxi the night before and pay a little more to avoid the morning inconvenience of finding a taxi at that time. The Indian Airline office is on Raj Path, by the bus stand.

Rail: Bhubaneswar is on the main Calcutta to Madras line so all the main trains stop here. The Howrah-Bangalore mail and Guwahati-Bangalore go to Bangalore. The Coromandel Express is a good train going to Madras. There are direct trains to Delhi, Agra, Remuna, and Varanasi. The Rajdhani Express departs from Delhi one day a week on Friday to Bhubaneswar. The Puri-New Delhi Express is a good train to Delhi.

Road: The best way to get from Bhubaneswar to Puri is on one of the Canter minibuses that leave from the old bus station in the center of town, the new bus stand, and from the petrol station opposite the Ashok Hotel. They take a little more than an hour to get to Puri. There are also larger buses that go Puri, but they are slower than the minibuses. It is best to get an Express bus to Puri, which make only one stop en route. There is a direct bus to Konark too. If one misses out the direct bus, one can take a Puri buses to Pipli and from there get another bus to Konark.

Most of the long-distance buses depart from the new bus stand (Baramunda Bus Stand), which is about 5-km from downtown on the main road to Calcutta. There are buses to Calcutta, Cuttack (10 hr), and other places in Orissa . Buses to Puri also leave from this station.

Bhubaneswar has got numerous numbers of hotels to suit all budgets and requirements.

Hotel Keshari, Bhubaneswar, OrissaWHERE TO STAY - LOWER
The Yatri Niwas, Cuttack Road
The Venus Niwas, Cuttack Road
Hotel Janapath
The Pushpak, Kalpana Square
Bhagwat Niwas, 9 Buddha Nagar, behind the Pushpak
Hotel Padma, Kalpana Square
Bhubaneswar Hotel, Cuttack Road

Hotel Keshari, 113 Station Square
Kenilworth Hotel, Gautam Nagar
Hotel Prachi Bhubaneswar
ITDC's Hotel Kalinga Ashok
Hotel Swosti

Oberoi Bhubaneswar

The Hare Krishna Restaurant, at Lal Chand Market Complex, Station Square, has excellent food. It is the most highly recommended place in town. Initiated ISKCON devotees manage it.

The Venus Inn, 217 Bapuji Nagar, is a good South Indian vegetarian restaurant. There is a vegetarian restaurant at the ISKCON temple too.

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