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Location : Bihar.
Main Attractions : Gopi Cave.
Situated In the Hills Of : Nagarjuni Hills.

35km north of Gaya, set in wild and inhospitable bandit locale, are located the mysterious caves of Nagarjuna. Three caves were excavated in the Nagarjuna Hills. An important archaeological site, it has been grossly ignored.

On Nagarjuna Hills the most important cave is Gopi cave which is approachable by a flight of steps. A number of inscriptions have been found here. It is believed that in the middle of 19th century, some Islamic saints used to live in these caves.

On north of Nagarjuna Hill is Mirza Mandi (house of Mirza) cave. This cave was excavated during the time of Dasharatha. There is a dry well near this cave and it seems it derived its ancient name ‘Vapuiyaka Kubha’ (cave of well) from this only. Several remains of buildings - probably viharas- can be seen around this site.

The last cave on this hill, Vedathika Kubha can be approached through a natural cleft. Infact, some structural stupas must have existed in at least a few of these caves, as this place was dedicated to Buddhist religious practices.

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